Montagu also plays a role in our residents keeping in touch with their families – even if they don’t live in Hobart.


Kylie realises that today is somewhat different to her usual weekday routine. Generally she is preparing her bag ready to go to Day Support however today she is packing her suitcase instead. Her excitement is shown with the smile from ear to ear, for today she will be flying to Queensland to see her family. There is much chatter about seeing Mum, Dad and Nan and of course her eager anticipation about going on the aeroplane.

Kylie endeavors to visit her family at least once a year and loves chatting with them on the phone regularly.

Generally Kylie plans her holidays over the summer but this year she has decided to have a winter holiday instead. Apparently it is almost as cold over there as it is here, never the less I’m sure she will have a ball come rain, hail or shine!

Kylie has a support worker flying over with her to ensure she arrives at her destination safely. It is a direct flight over so the wait to see Mum and Dad is reduced.

The drive to the airport can not go quickly enough for Kylie but in no time at all she has arrived. She is becoming familiar with the airport and its surrounds and grabs a quick drink before checking in, and then boards the plane. All the while brimming with excitement. Finally the plane takes off in to the bright blue sky and so Kylie’s adventure begins!