When residents return from day support, there is plenty to do at home.


Recently Mathew has experienced a change in his living situation with the introduction of 5000 hungry worms.

These were purchased as part of a grant received from the Allport Bequest to provide garden beds, and gardening equipment for each of our houses. This helps the residents to grow their own food, learn gardening skills, build up their capacities, make choices about what they would like to plant and learn healthy eating habits.

Mathew was involved in setting up the worm farm. Each evening after tea has been prepared all vegetable scraps are fed to the worms. Mathew will carry the scraps in a plastic bag or container and with the support of staff, empty them into the tray of hungry worms. A sprinkle of dirt is then thrown in on top.

Montagu is about to have a competition for the Best Painted Veggie Garden Bed and the Best Scarecrow among the four houses. The process has been fun filled. Staff and residents have joined together to come up with unique ideas to make the Scarecrows. Mathew seems to thoroughly enjoy the making of the scarecrow, he sits and chooses the dress for the scarecrow, lot of gestures and excitement can be visualized, when things are in process. Lots of giggles, laughter, supervision and commands from Mathew on the work being done. Staff and residents have put in their collated effort to beautify the Garden Beds. The activity seems to motivate staff and residents and also builds up the team spirit. So, Mathew’s latest involvement is supervising and assisting staff in making the Veggie Garden look beautiful. Make sure you get updated on the winners of the Scarecrow competition in our monthly newsletter Montiglue!