Our residents are also supported to carry out daily chores within the community.

Emma budgets independently at My State Bank. In order to enhance this, Emma’s key worker went to the New Town branch and discussed with their staff how they could contribute to the process of enabling Emma to do her budgeting and utilise her skills to achieve independent banking.

Montagu informed bank staff that Emma is capable and with their assistance Emma would be able to do her own banking without Montagu staff standing next to her. The staff at the bank, welcomed the ideas, were positive and pleased to be a part of the program.

Strategies were discussed to keep Emma focused on her task and also on her reasons for being at the bank. Emma’s key worker explained that Emma has a fixation on a local community member and informed that this person would inevitably come into any conversations. After replying to Emma’s questions or comments in a relevant manner, her focus would then need to be brought back to the task in hand – banking! Additionally My State staff provide positive reinforcement for Emma, for example by saying, “Now you have withdrawn your money, you will be able to buy a coffee and your afternoon tea.”

Emma’s Banking Program

  • Emma to sign her Budget withdrawal form at the house before leaving the house.
  • Emma to be reinforced on the way to bank that everyone must stand in line and for their turn.
  • Support worker accompanying Emma to sit down, so that Emma can perform her banking independently. Support worker, only to engage if Emma speaks inappropriately to the customers.
  • Emma takes her turn at the counter and passes over her withdrawal slip and signs her receipt.
  • Emma requests a bag to put her money in.
  • Emma knows to put the money bag directly into her purse, in case she forgets, My State staff reminds her.

Once Emma has put money back in her bag, the bank staff reminds her that it’s her coffee and afternoon tea time and someone is waiting for her.

Along with this Emma is also responsible for New Town house banking and paying rent at the newsagent next to the bank. Montagu’s banking program empowers Emma and she enjoys it.