Montagu Community Living Inc. is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act and operates under the rules of association adopted by the members in November 2005, amended in 2011 and 2018. Ultimate responsibility for the governance of the organisation rests with the Board of Directors. This governance statement outlines how the Board discharges that responsibility. The Board’s primary role is to ensure that Montagu achieves its objectives.

The board must ensure that these objectives are achieved in the most efficient and effective way. The Board, which comprises of the Chair, Deputy Chair, Public Officer, Treasurer, and up to eight ordinary members, is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The role of a Board Director is undertaken on a voluntary basis. The Board meets at least six times per year and fulfils its primary role by:

  • Selecting, appointing, guiding and monitoring the performance of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Ensuring Montagu complies with relevant legislation, regulations and contractual obligations
  • Formulating and endorsing Montagu’s strategic plan
  • Monitoring progress against the strategic plan
  • Approving the operating and capital budgets and monitoring performance against these
  • Development of a risk statement, endorsement of the risk management plan, and evaluation of performance against the plan
  • Ensuring integrity of internal controls
  • Ensuring stakeholders receive regular reports
  • Acting as an advocate for Montagu whenever and wherever necessary
  • The board has formally delegated responsibility for Montagu’s day to day operations and administration to the CEO