Montagu provides supported accommodation to people living with an intellectual disability and/or multiple disabilities. This means that staff are busy doing something, somewhere all throughout the day.


The alarm clock ticks over to 6am and starts beeping loudly to awaken Josh ready for his working day at Tahune Fields. After a few stretches and some eye rubbing he jumps into the shower then puts on his work gear that he has organised the previous night.

Over breakfast Josh talks to his housemates about some of the jobs he does during the day which include packing apples, pruning and planting trees as well as mowing and brush cutting. He also explains that some of his fellow workmates are able to use the forklift. This may be something Josh can work toward in the future.

Today is especially exciting for Josh as he has the responsibility of cooking the BBQ lunch for all the work crew. A job he truly values.

Josh will then pack his bag - ensuring that he has an extra drink in case he works up a thirst, wet weather gear and sun protection.

Then it’s off to meet the Tahune Bus at Glenorchy, making sure he is there by 7.15am so as not to miss being picked up. The trip down to Tahune takes about 40 minutes and during the winter months Josh will often see the snow capped ranges of Mount Wellington and the Huon Valley. Conversations on the bus are often around AFL football and Josh is definitely in his element during these discussions.